7 Tips for Storing Your Kid's Stuff


Most kids become attached to their stuff. Whether old clothes, broken toys, or just some found item from the backyard, they want to keep it and this makes it difficult to throw things out. Some kids even get attached to their old worn-out bedding.

If you have kids, this is not news to you. You already know they come with a fair amount of baggage. Few of us have adequate space to store everything around the home, let alone all the stuff that kids tend to accumulate. This can add up over the years and become a problem.

Often, you are faced with the choice of tossing out these treasures or keeping what amounts to a mountain of useless stuff lying around the house. In some cases, the choice is pretty simple; you just have to keep them. Finding storage space is as important as choose colors, décor or kids bedding.

Creating space for storage or new ways to organize a child's stuff, using the right items and methods will make a home more orderly and peaceful. This can also serve as method to develop a child's organizational skills.

Discovering space for storage or just using the right items to organize the things in a child's life will make everyone's day more peaceful and orderly.


Consider the following when looking for space to store your kid's stuff.


Little Pieces

Sometimes kids have lots of tiny toys and accessories relating to things that they like or their hobbies. Clothes for dolls plate sets, puzzles, jewelry, games or small toys can be store in plastic boxes or shoe boxes, properly marked with their contents. Fancy stickers can also be used for this purpose.


Shelves along a wall

Get yards of extra storage space by erecting shelves along walls. You can construct them yourselves with easy to install shelves from home improvement stores. Install side-by-side units, connecting each one to the other. Add crown molding to the top of interlocked shelves to create a unique look.


Kids-Room Organization

The closet is the most convenient place to store a child's things. Both parent and child use this space to store toys, books, shoes, school stuff and little keepsakes. Maximize the space by storing seldom used items at the back of the closet. Keep things used more often at the front for easy access.


Under the bed

Under the bed can be a great, often neglected place to store many items. Store smaller things in marked boxes. Just adding a row of shoes under the bed can increase closet space. Use a bed skirt or dust ruffle to cover the foot of the bed. A bed skirt or dust ruffle can make the bed look more fashionable and complete, but it can also serve as a method to hide things stored under the bed.


Bed drawers

When purchasing beds for kids, it is a very good idea to get the ones that are fitted with pull-out drawers. These sometimes come with very large drawers that can provide lots of additional space for storage. Kids clothing and bedding are good items to store here.


Out of sight

Use areas like the attic, basement, outhouses to store things that you feel guilty about throwing away. Store items such as sporting equipment and school projects under the stairs. Use tightly sealed container to prevent molds and dust, and to protect them from moths.


The big toss out

Just throw them out, toss away stuff that you believe is borderline valuable. You can also get rid of them in garage sales. Lots of time separation anxiety will set in; especially if you have pack rat tendencies but getting rid of clutter often brings relief in a short amount of time, the kids will find something else to be the center of their very short attention span.